My child had difficulty riding a bicycle or skipping (challenges with gross motor skills)

My child has low muscle tone, is clumsy, or uncoordinated.

My child sat in a W position or walked on their toes.

My child has poor or slow handwriting (trouble with fine motor skills)

My child is sensitive to noise, light, smell, or texture.

My child doesn't like tags in their clothes or waistbands in pants.

My child doesn't like to touch things with his/her hands.

My child craves food especially wheat products and dairy products.

My child had or presently has attention issues, is fidgety, or has difficulty staying seated.

My child is frequently tense and doesn't seem to be happy very often.

My child is argumentative (oppositional behavior) and tends to be uncooperative. His tendency is to say No.

My child has difficulty forming friendships. Other kids do not call the house to play.

As a student, my child is very analytical (processes ideas sequentially)

My child struggles to follow directions, often asking "huh?" or "what?"

My child can't filter out background noise.

My child avoids social situations or has a hard time making eye contact.

My child talks very close to people's faces, seemingly invading personal space.

My child can't track words when reading or reads slowly.

My child has difficulty reading from the chalkboard.

Often times, my child feels like he/she is stupid, and/or has low self esteem.

Whole Brain Gym's ~Free Assessment~
RESULTS: PRELIMINARY SIGN OF BRAIN AND SENSORY IMMATURITY Excellent! You have taken the first step in understanding your child’s challenges. WHAT’S NEXT? We have two suggestions and invite you to take the next step. #1 Sign-up for the Sensory Motor Mini-course and learn the beginning tools to help calm, connect and mature your chid’s brain. #2 Schedule a personalized assessment for your child today and together we can create an individualized plan to help your child get back on track. You can find both of these options under the WorkWith Us tab. We look forward to assisting you today.

*This online assessment is neither a Personalized Assessment nor a diagnostic tool. It merely provides directional information to serve as a starting point for helping your child.

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