Sensory Motor Mini-Course

This Course is for parents, caregivers, and teachers who want to help kids who struggle with:

                                                     ADHD/ADD                            Aspergers Syndrome

                                                     Sensory Processing               Behavioral Issues

                                                     Learning Disorders                Making Friends   

                                                     Dyslexia                                Development Disorder

                                                     Dyspraxia                              Motor Functions

                                                     Balance/Coordination           Emotional outbursts

Take the Sensory Motor Mini Course

Calm and Connect the Brain for: Improved Learning, Attention and Behavior through Sensory-Motor Movements

In this Mini-course you'll learn:

1. Brain Balancing Techniques for emotional Grounding

2. Four Rhythmic Movements to connect and mature the brain

3. Learn why movement develop the brain

4. Steps to integrate the sensory system

5. How retained primitive reflexes may be affecting your child

Sensory Motor Mini course

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