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       Helping Bright Kids Who Struggle 

Hiya, I’m Amanda Walker after years of
frustration and struggle I discovered the truth behind my daughters learning, focus and behavior challenges from leading Neuro-developmental Scientists.  After applying simple tools that connect and organize the brain our daughter’s confidence soared and home life transformed.  
I coach families with 💥Unique Kids To Overcome
👉🏼Lack of focus,
👉🏼Behavior and Academics Challenges
♥️By Connecting the Heart,
🧠Organizing the brain and
🧍🏽‍♂️Strengthening the body
so that the
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Whole Family Thrives with Greater Connection, Confidence, 🌿Peace and Harmony.  
I believe parent’s are the most capable and best suited individuals to apply research-based proven techniques to help their child thrive.




















































At Whole Brain Gym we are committed to sharing the power of growth mindset, skillset and the tools with families just like yours.

This movement-based program helped calm and connect my daughter’s brain, creating an optimal environment to improve her academic, attention, and sensory processing.  I feel passionately it can help your family too. 

You have what it takes to help your child and family thrive with greater confidence, connection, peace and harmony.



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