Whole Brain Sensory Paths®

A fun and engaging way to improve focus, behavior and learning skills.

DIY- Whole Brain Sensory Path® $39

Instructions and Patterns to fit any space. (tape not included)

Need to get a Sensory path down quickly and on a budget?

Our DIY Whole Brain Sensory Path® How-to can have your kids or students utilizing the specially designed activity stations quickly.

It’s a wonderful option for those schools who would like to TEST the path with students and teachers to decide if they want to install a permanent Whole Brain Sensory Path®.


Portable- Whole Brain Sensory Path® $180

Size:  4 Ft. by 10 Ft.                Printed on 13 oz banner material 

Have limited space in your home or classroom? 

No problem with our portable path.  Roll this Sensory Path out anywhere.  Quickly and easily put it away until later.

It’s a great option for those who want the benefit of sensory input activities anywhere, like churches, schools, homes, daycare centers, after school program or community centers.

How do Sensory Paths help kids and students?


Hailey Caraway, M.Ed., CSC

Honestly, words can’t describe how passionately I feel towards the work that Amanda from Whole Brain Gym has done for our campus.  It brings me so much joy to walk down the hallway, and see a student using the pathway so efficiently and responsibly. They are taking ownership of regulating their own emotions and body by using a tool that research has shown to be so effective. I have seen all ages, and several different departments within the school setting use the path with their students (I.e. School Psychologist, Counselors, Teachers, EXPO, Special ED). I know it is impacting these students tremendously with their academics and behavior at school, and we are so appreciative and blessed to have this at our campus. Thank you Amanda!

Sharon Child 4th Grade Reading and Writing

I’m so thankful that we have been able to offer this tool to our students.  In our Fourth Grade hallway the students have been given the opportunity to use a “sensory pathway” pass when they feel they need to use this tool.  I’ve seen students use if for a variety of reasons; getting the wiggles out, waking up when feeling groggy, working out frustrating feelings, and refocusing when feeling distracted.  The students love being able to self-monitor their need for this tool.  They enjoy the activities and when they return to the classroom they look more alert and ready to take on learning again. 

Linda Cavazos Tucker Ph.D

We have four Whole Brain Sensory Paths at Evers (Elementary).  Amanda Stout Walker has been amazing at not only getting us started but also with the professional development piece behind it with our staff. She owns Whole Brain Gym and truly understands the connection between repetitive motion and SEL (Social emotional learning).

Cassidy Younghans, Founder- EPIC Life Learning Community

We LOVE the sensory path Amanda installed at EPIC Life Learning Community! Because learners have full autonomy to self-regulate mentally and physically throughout the day, they engage naturally with the sensory path as they need. Our learners easily understand how to use it, and it is a great tool for self-regulation and mind-body connection. We are so grateful to Amanda for sharing this amazing tool for kids!

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